This week we feature Shade Sails in and around Kew in Melbourne’s inner east and the City of Boroondara.

This area is very leafy and prestigious, with many gracious old and impressive new homes.

This house in a leafy street has an interesting backyard shade sail which has a single post and fixed to two walls at ninety degrees with anchor plates.


Compare this to some of our backyard shade sail projects.

Another shade sail at Rossbourne School on Power Street in Hawthorn.  The hyperbolic grey shade sail fits in well next to large water tanks and is attached to both the eaves and three posts providing shade to a small courtyard area.  It is very visible from the street, making a great visual statement.


Compare to some of our school shade sails.

This last one is in a residential back street, it looks a bit like a home made job or possibly even temporary.  Two black square shade cloths are attached to the timberwork over a deck, however at least one of them appears to be poorly tensioned and secured such that it was flapping about badly in the breeze.  This sort of thing could cause major problems.


Compare to our deck shade solutions which are of high quality.