1800 Shade U are always working on new projects and installation, many of them large and complex.

Here is a sample of some of our recent commercial and architectural project profiles, including photos.

Corpus Christi School

The Corpus Christi School project included the installation of spectacular large blue shade sail “tents” over playground areas.

Complex Playground Blue Shade Sail Design


Playground Shade Sail viewed from Basketball Courts


Mill Park Secondary College

Blue Shade Sails in Playground


Nepean Rowing Club

The Nepean Rowing Club is one of our more innovative projects, featuring the installation of a large single post cantilevered “bear claw” waterproof shade sail over an entry area which makes a bold architectural statement.

Waterproof Bear Claw Shade Sail (White)


St Bedes College

The St Bedes College project included the installation of several barrel vault shade structures.

Barrel vault – St Bedes College

St Bedes college new waterproof barrel vault:


St Bedes cantilever


Waterproof Barrel Vault – St Bedes

St Bedes college new waterproof barrel vault spans a large concreted area:


Tennis Court Shade

Being a summer sport played at home and at sport facilities, tennis requires shaded areas for players and spectators.

Tennis Court Shade can come in many forms, but cantilever, pyramid and curved roof shades are more popular than Shade Sails for tennis courts.

Westmeadows Heights Primary School

The project at Westmeadows Heights included the design and installation of several beige coloured hyperbolic shade sails over a playground area.

Hyperbolic Beige Playground Shade Sails


If you’d like more information on our recent work, or would like to initiate a quote for your shade sail project, please contact us now.