School playgrounds, eating areas, parks, shaded walkways and childcare facilities are all affected by today’s harsh sun.

1800 Shade U can supply and install many designs of shade including hyperbolic sails, structures, cantilevers, barrel vaults and others to suit your requirements. We can supply engineering and if needed can provide a repair, replacement or tightening service. All our products are built to the highest standard with commercial grade fabrics and stainless steel fittings.

School Shade solutions are important for all types of schools including primary, secondary, university and TAFE colleges to provide shelter from the weather for both students and visitors.

School Shade is important for:

Padded Post Protectors can help protect children, while school carpark shade solutions can be beneficial for and as drop-off zones for parents and their children.

Every school is different.

1800 Shade U knows schools, and what school shade solutions are right for you.

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