Resort Umbrella

Umbrellas can create the level of style and elegance you require for your outdoor area.  Cafes, homes, pools, hotels or practically any outdoor area can benefit from the shelter and protection of a quality 1800 Shade U umbrella.

Our solution is a permanent umbrella which has a roof skin that does not have cut out curved edges like most other umbrellas.  This provides greater coverage and better value for money.

The straight edge of the umbrella does not require costly, unsightly alterations to fit clear blinds as our umbrellas are engineered to have them fitted directly to our frames.

If a larger area needs to be covered, the straight edge design allows additional umbrellas to be butted up against each other or one skin can be made to go over multiple umbrellas.

Clear blinds can be integrated without them looking like an afterthought.


  • Increase your seating capacity
  • Create a sophisticated outdoor area
  • Attract customers with striking conical design
  • Extend your trading hours with clear blinds, heating and lighting options
  • No unfolding or removal during adverse weather
  • Peace of mind that the umbrella will last the harsh elements


Product Features and Accessories


  • 100% sun blockout
  • Designed for permanent outdoor use
  • Rated 120 kph or higher if needed
  • Brand or logo potential
  • Other sizes custom made to meet your individual needs
  • High frequency welded joins
  • Powder coated to colour of choice or standard colour
  • Engineered to W33 (120kph)
  • Secured to suitable re-inforced slab or its own concrete footing
  • Can be added to or 1 skin over several
  • Frames made from galvanised steel
  • Designed for clear blinds
  • Shade available
  • Waterproof PVC or PVDF
  • Lighting and heating to help extend trading hours
  • Mould and mildew resistant


  • Clear PVC side curtains or blinds
  • Gutters
  • Heaters
  • Lighting


2 year guarantee includes repair or replacement to your satisfaction if malfunctions arriving from our workmanship or materials are found.

PVC skin replacement warranty for UV degradation for 5 to 6 years depending on fabric.