Shade Sail Repairs

Shade Sail Cleaning & Repairs

1800 Shade U can perform shade sail repairs on any shade sails including those damaged by extreme weather. We can also clean and restore your existing shade cloth.

Heat, wind, wild weather and even misuse can cause rips, tears, wind shear and sagging in shade sails.

We can inspect your existing shade sails and provide you with a quote to patch up holes, fix small tears, re-tension sails and prevent damage from reoccurring.

We can also perform maintenance on existing shade sails to repair damage from dirt, mould, leaves, droppings, sap or insects, which can shorten the life of the sail and threads.

If the thread in older shade sails is allowed to degrade to a stage where it lets go, the sail can rip beyond repair!

Save time and money by having your shade sail repaired and cleaned by 1800 Shade U in the one process, so that the shade sail only needs to be pulled down then reinstalled once.

Contact us today to initiate a quote, or to find out more about our shade sail repair and cleaning services.