Swimming Pool Shade for pools of all sizes, from backyard pools to large Olympic sized swimming pools and surrounding areas.

We have many design options to shade your pool area.

The simple twisting look of a hyperbolic sail from posts either stretching across part of your pool and or creating a shaded seating area at the end of your pool. If a standard hyperbolic shade sail cannot be installed, then a cantilever or some other design may be better suited. The most common request for residential pools is to cover one third of the pool and the area at the end of the pool for seating.

Or if underground services or other circumstances don’t allow a shade sail, you may prefer the modern look of a Cantilever structure from posts supported from one side of the pool or a Bear Claw which is engineered to require only one post.

When a long span is needed to cover a larger pool, a Barrel Vault may be a great alternative.

No matter what your shade requirements are, 1800 Shade U has an attractive shade solution.