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This week we feature Shade Sails in and around South Melbourne in the City of Port Phillip.

South Melbourne is known for its pockets of heritage architecture, particularly around the main shopping centre at Clarendon Street and also some industrial areas.

There are some Shade Sails at the heritage former South Melbourne Railway station (now light rail station) which is a community centre of some kind.


Two sets of vibrantly coloured green and blue striped shade sails are attached to six sets of white posts.  The modern style contrasts heavily with the old style of the station.  We stock a whole range vibrant colours and materials like these and can even customise patterns and dyes to your requirements.

A long rectangular four post beige Shade Sail provides shelter to one of the platforms at the train station.


A childcare centre next to the South Melbourne Market also has Shade Sails over its astro turf play area.  Three hyperbolic red and orange sails share a six post configuration with padded post protectors (a great idea to protect the little ones) on each of the metal posts.


Compare this to our kindergarten shade and playground shade solutions.

More to come…