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Shade Sails are striking modern structures, but that doesn’t preclude them from being used in heritage areas.  In fact when done well, they can really complement and highlight the heritage features of a place.

Regulations are sometimes strict in heritage areas and Shade Sails will often require a council permit and sometimes also a heritage permit.  However owners of period homes and heritage buildings should not be discouraged from using Shade Sails.

Often heritage buildings have inadequate and outdated shade structures, so Shade Sails can have a real practical advantage.  They can also significantly reduce ongoing costs such as energy use and building maintenance which can actually help to conserve heritage.

We’ve already posted a number of examples of Shade Sails used well with heritage buildings and in heritage suburbs.  In Melbourne these area includes older established areas like Hawthorn, St Kilda, Carlton and Albert Park but period homes and buildings can be found throughout the metropolitan area.

Hyperbolic sails in particular using complementary colours such as beige, green, burgundy and white work best to either blend or even highlight heritage features.  In sensitive situations, special care needs to be taken when mounting and installing not to interfere with or damage the heritage fabric of a place.


Cream coloured hyperbolic sails at St Michael’s Grammar blend well with the facade of a classical 1860s heritage building.


White sails at the 1920s art deco St Kilda Yacht Club blend so well you can hardly tell they are there.


Burgundy sails at this primary school in St Kilda provide playground shade while blending elegantly with the red brick style of the 1890s heritage listed gothic architecture of the school.  In fact this large Shade Structure actually provides a visual highlight and dramatic silhouette which actually draws the eye to the heritage building which you’d otherwise probably not notice.

We have experienced with council permit applications and heritage impact statements for Shade Sails.  So if you have a heritage building and want to investigate your Shade Sail options, make sure you contact us first.