This week we feature Shade Sails in and around Albert Park and Middle Park in the City of Port Phillip.

The area around Albert Park and Middle Park is a very heritage area with lots of old homes and terrace houses and some streets which are particularly beautiful and leafy.  There are some apartments and commercial areas near the beach and along Beaconsfield Parade and many terrace houses along the park and lake side.

The Garden of Eden nursery at the old Albert Park railway station has a great beige coloured umbrella shaped shade structure which blends well with the heritage architecture.  It is a heptagonal with seven poles propped up and tensioned by a central eighth pole.  The shade structure shelters many of the plants that require shade.


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A playground with Shade Sails is near Middle Park station in Albert Park.  There are actually three sets of gray green / khaki shade sails.  Two sets of two hyperbolic sails over sets of swings and a large tent shaped construction of four triangular shade sails chained to each other and five steel posts.  This construction is elevated above a wooden castle playground feature. All feature green padded post protectors to protect children from bumping into the hard posts.


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More to come…