Gale force winds and a big storm recently lashed Melbourne’s suburbs.  In case you’re wondering if Shade Sails can cope with a barrage of extreme weather, the answer is it depends.

Shade Sails are porous, so they let wind and rain through, waterproof sails are typically very sturdy and resistant to hail.  When they are tensioned and installed correctly, they shouldn’t flap or break.   But that isn’t always the case for Shade Sails and awnings.  Even the roof of the Gabba stadium in Brisbane Queensland, comprised of Shade Sail like structure, was ripped apart by wind late last year.

We are often asked to repair sails built by DIY and other companies that are damaged by severe storm, sometimes as part of an insurance claim. Poorly stitched sails and poorly chosen materials can mean that sails tear away.  Warranties don’t always cover extreme storm damage.

Suitable run off and drainage are important aspects to good planning and design.

Some sails are made with stainless steel fixings so that you can dismantle them and put them back up easily if you think that a big storm is about to strike.

Fortunately Shade Sails are also much less expensive to replace or fix than a traditional roof structure and Shade Sail Repair Services are available.