Waterproof Shade Sail Solutions are popular during winter months.

Due to the colder, wetter conditions of the Australian winter, we typically experience a surge of orders for waterproof sails as waterproof shade sails are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to provide shelter from rainy conditions for outside spaces.

Waterproof or tensile membranes can be used to cover all types of areas including decks, BBQ areas, commercial, educational areas or virtually any area you can think of.

Whether a hyperbolic sail, umbrella, cantilever, or barrel vault, the style and versatility of the fabric is only limited by your imagination

All seams are high-frequency welded providing all year round water protection and can be sealed to buildings with aluminium rope track.

When designing waterproof sails or structures water run off needs to be considered to avoid water ponding on the fabric.

Below is one of our waterproof solutions for a walkway with a hyperbolic design aimed at providing run-off to the garden and lawn spaces.  The design ensures that people can move from building to building without getting wet.  It also makes an interesting architectural statement.

All steelwork is galvanized with the the choice of coloured powder-coating and the fabric comes in a variety of colours.

Check out some of our waterproof shade solutions.