This week we feature Shade Sails in and around Toorak in Melbourne’s inner south east and in the City of Stonnington.

Toorak is, along with Brighton, arguably Melbourne’s most prestigious and wealthy suburb.  So there are also some pretty impressive Shade Sail rigs in the area.

Our first stop is the local schools.

Toorak Primary School has a really nice playground shade solution.  Two grey blue set of five point sails share the same three middle posts using a total of nine steel posts.  They are stretched out over a mulched play area with swings and other playground equipment.  The hyperbolic design was obviously selected to provide maximum shade, water runoff and visual appeal.  A comment on this, given that it is a primary school with little kids running around, you would think that the school would invest in a set of padded post protectors which would prevent the nasty situation of a child running into one of the thick metal posts.


Compare to our playground shade solutions.

The shade sail below is from a large Edwardian mansion in nearby Kooyong.  The green sails are sympathetic to the heritage building and completely shade and covers an inground pool.


Compare to our swimming pool shade solutions.