1800 Shade U is helping to reduce landfill with our steel, PVC  and Polyethelene recycling program.

Steel is one of the worlds most recycled products with about 1.9 million tones of ferrous scrap being recycled in Australia every year. 1800 Shade U recycles all of its offcuts  but prefers to use them in other structures such as roof masts, which is also beneficial to the customer because a higher than standard steel can be used. Where this is not possible, the offcuts are collected by a scrap merchant for recycling where 100% of the product is able to be recycled.

90% of PVC  consumed in Australia is used in long life applications such as pipe, flooring and cable, therefore recycling volumes of PVC are relatively low due to there use in building. 80% of PVC products have a life expectancy of 15-100yrs. PVC waste accounts for less than 1% of waste going to landfill every year. 1800 Shade U has all its PVC offcuts and fabric tubes picked up for recycling.

ShadeSails are fabricated from High Density Polyethelene HDPE. 1800 Shade U packages all its ShadeSail scraps ready for the recycler to pick up. Plastic loses some of its original quality through recycling and even the molecular structure can change which may not make it possible to make the original product,but it may be made in to outdoor furniture, wheelie bins, compost bins and new plastic bottles.