In this weeks blog, we look at some of the shade sails in Prahran and Windsor in the City of Stonnington in Melbourne’s inner city south east.

The suburbs are quite built up with a large and busy commercial area in Chapel Street and Commercial Road.

First stop, Prahran Aquatic Centre which has some impressive shade structures, a set of over half a dozen triangular hyperbolic grey shade sails.


Compare to our Custom Shade Sails, in particular Swimming Pool Shade.

In nearby Windsor a cafe (“Cloud Nine” near Punt Road) at the base of a 1970s office tower has a stylistic waterproof shade sail extending from the side of the building and supported by a leaning crossbar structure of cylindrical steel poles.  The structure is elevated to help water runoff into the gutter.  It helps shield cafe patrons from adverse weather conditions, although it is probably limited by the position and is perhaps a bit too open toward the street


Compare to some of our cafe shade solutions.

Hidden in a little bluestone alley is this triangular beige shade sail which provides carport shade.  This one is interesting in the way that a solution to limited urban space has been applied to provide a combined carport courtyard when there otherwise wasn’t one.  One side of the sail is secured to the wall above and looped under a black bar which is used to help tension the shade sail.


Compare to our carport shade solutions.

They even have indoor Shade Sails in Prahran… at JB HiFi.  A former Victorian arcade in a busy section of retail mecca Chapel Street which has glass roofs in sections.  This lets natural sunlight through.  However as a result it can get very bright and glary inside.  Not ideal when you’re trying to sell Plasma and LCD screens.  The glare obviously interferes with the displays.  So the unusual solution is some grey indoor sails that help enhance the visual display …


Shade Sails are not only great for retailers and obviously shade sails but also a great idea for markets.