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Both pergolas and Shade Sails are open side structures used for shading or screening, traditionally in domestic garden settings or as outdoor entertainment areas

Pergolas are typically constructed of timber frames.  Technically a pergola with a waterproof roof is considered a patio or a gazebo.

Shade Sails have several definite advantages over pergolas:

  • can be erected more quickly
  • can be more cost effective
  • are not affected by termites, wood pests and rot
  • slicker more modern look
  • more flexible design options, for example they can be built around objects such as pools

Fabric Architecture is a spectacular cost effective alternative to a standard solid roof Patio or Pergola. Shade Sails can be designed from roof masts to posts to create the modern look of Hyperbolic Sails. Another outstanding design for Pergola/Patio areas is the outstanding modern look of the Cantilever. The benefit of the cantilever is that it is a fully free standing structure and does not rely on the integrity of the building. Cantilevers can stretch to whatever length is required and can also be made in waterproof architectural grade PVC. The attractive look of custom made Shade Sails or Cantilevers can really improve the look of an area and add value to a property.