Yes, it is possible for a swimming pool to be too hot.

Generally most regulatory bodies recommend a swimming pool temperature of 24-27 degrees.  Above this and public pools may actually be forced to close. Recently an outdoor in-ground public swimming pool reported a sweltering temperature of 33.5 degrees and this overheating was attributed almost solely to a shade sail being removed after storm damage.

Shade Sails (and similar shade structures) are in fact one of the best and most energy efficient ways to regulate the heat of a pool by reflecting solar radiation that can cause a pool to overheat.

Smaller suburban backyard pools can get hotter much more quickly than large public pools which can make them uncomfortable to swim in during summer heatwaves when you most want to swim.  Shade Sails are one of the most cost effective solutions to this problem.

Not only that, but they protect swimmers by blocking harmful burning UV radiation and they can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a pool as well. So they are the ideal companion to any inground swimming pool.

For best effect, they need to cover the pool area, requiring a professional installation as this generally means construction of a larger, sturdier, supporting structure.  1800 Shade U are highly experienced in this kind of shade, see our swimming pool shade gallery for example, or contact us for more information.

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