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Folding Arm Awning

Want to build a shade structure such as an awning but don’t have the cash ?  It is reassuring to know that there are ways to finance your home improvements.

There is always the option of a personal loan or mortgage extension.

A little known fact that some banks include Shade Structures with other similar “Green” home improvements in their discounted environmental loan programs.

While a handful of retail banks and building societies have such loans, only a couple will include shade structures such as awnings that help save on energy and cooling costs.

At the time of writing, banks offering a discounted rate for loans that stated they do include such structures are:

  • MECU goGreen Home Improvement Loan (9.49%)
  • Bendigo Bank Green Personal Loan (9.99%)

So get ready for summer and take advantage of these great green loans to improve your home.