Updated: May 23, 2018

Pre-made or DIY shade sails can sometimes be suitable for smaller jobs.  They offer convenience in that they can be purchased online and a number of other places like hardware stores. They can also be cheaper in price, and in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing they can be effectively installed.

However, the biggest limitations are that they don’t take into account the specifics of a site.

Just some of the negatives of pre-made sails are that they:

  • won’t always fit
  • are rarely waterproofed
  • tend to have a relatively low tension and load capacity
  • have less choice in colours and materials
  • can flap in the wind if not installed properly
  • may not have the required UV rating for protection from the sun
  • don’t have a warranty that covers installation

Sometimes the benefits such as lower cost are outweighed by a higher maintenance cost and the risk of the pre-made sail simply not doing its job.

For these and many more reasons, we recommend getting a custom shade sail designed, measured, made to order and installed by a professional.  Our professionals can provide you with the right advice, onsite as well.  Proper solutions will often involve a number of anchor points and poles and take into account the position, location and any number of other factors that are relevant to your specific installation, such as deciding which material to use.

Custom shade sails have the following advantages:

  • they are custom made for individual requirements
  • the designs are better suited for all weather conditions
  • there is a warranty on installation
  • they’re UV-rated for maximum sun protection

There is a real art to getting shade sails right, so make sure you talk to us first.