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PTFE architecture is fast becoming popular and PTFE is increasingly used for large membrane structures and engineering projects.

PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene is the stuff which commonly lines frying pans to give it the non-stick effect known as Teflon.  The fabric is a fibreglass membrane which has a higher durability and longer life than standard shade fabric, making it ideal for large architecture tensile and membrane structures.  PTFE material is also favoured due to its low maintenance, fire resistant properties, light reflection (and UV blocking ability) and its translucency (which is higher than PVC).  Like PVC, PTFE often has a glossy plastic look.  PTFE is available in waterproof and breathable variations.

The Gabba stadium in Brisbane’s Shade Sail like roof is such a structure.

Apart from stadiums is also being used in preference to PVC for some high end umbrella like structures.